A Professional Book Club Elevating Women's Voices in Business

When you work in a male-dominated field, finding a woman's perspective can feel impossible.  

Best-seller lists and popular book recommendations are likewise packed full of men's voices.  Finding business books written by women requires setting aside extra time to intentionally seek them out.  

Too much male advice can drown out our own thoughts, shrink our view of what is possible, and begin to feel entirely disconnected from our own reality.  Following that advice, while well intentioned, can begin to feel disingenuous and ill-suited to the challenges we face as ambitious women.  

Sometimes we just want to learn from women who have been there.  

The Ambition Unboxed book club saves your sanity by delivering a growth-driven community and business books written by women direct to you every month.   

What Driven Women Want

A Business Expense You Can Feel Good About

Every month we select one non-profit benefiting women & children to amplify their impact through increased awareness and financial support.

‚ÄčNon-profits are nominated by members of our community.


Launching for 2021

The Ambition Unboxed membership program will be launching in time for the new year.  In the meantime, click the button at the bottom of the page to join our waitlist and stay up to speed on all of the great events we have planned in 2020.

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Step 1

Select a Membership Level

Membership levels start with a 3-month commitment to minimize disruption and ensure adequate time for relationship building.  

Step 2

Become an Authentic Leader

Ditch male-dominated best-seller lists and learn from women with shared experiences. Business and leadership books written by women help you develop as an authentic leader.

Step 3

Take Control of Your Career

Build a network of supportive, like-minded women through our public and members-only online communities.  Crowd-source questions and learn from experts to take control again.