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A5 Daily Profit Planner Pad (Pre-order)


Product Description

Where does profit fit on your never-ending to-do list? When we are pulled in so many directions every day, it can be oh so easy to let time sensitive tasks and, frankly, other people's priorities control our day. Profit is not king, but it is required to run a successful business. (Plus, taking it to the bank is just plain fun!) This daily pad helps you prioritize profit to build a steady income stream.

Get focused on the revenue generating actions you can take TODAY that will lead to income in the future. Elevate innovation by capturing revenue generating ideas in one place for evaluation and strategy setting later. Throw in your Big 3 daily priorities and your to-do list and you have your own personal daily operating plan.

Whether you're running a business or hold revenue-generating performance targets, this daily pad will help you start each day with profit-generating intention and the consistency required for success.

Ambition Unboxed design with Zella&Co.
Half Letter Size (Measures 5.5 x 8.5 inches)
50 sheets
Backed with heavy brown thick chipboard

AVAILABILITY This item is expected to ship in early January 2021. We will ship sooner if we are able to.

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