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"She Profits" by Mel McSherry


Product Description

This special edition box is perfect for entrepreneurs looking to create a plan that prioritizes profit.

Mel's book, "She Profits: The Outrageously Simple 5-Point Entrepreneurial Profit Plan", will help you squash exhaustion and overwhelm so that you can tap into unlimited potential. It's the same steps Mel uses every day to triple her annual income and work with and speak to thousands of people all over the world... all while being a divorced mom to her special needs son.

Your box includes:
- A signed copy of Mel's book
- Access to the recording of Mel's Books & Bubbles discussion
- Daily Profit Planner Pad*
- Mel's "You Came to Be Profitable, Not Productive" coffee cup*
- Abundance candle
- & other inspirational items to help you get in a profit-making mood.

This box also benefits Female Strong. Learn more about their mission at:

*Ambition Unboxed original designs

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